NASWZ Visits Matthew Rusike Children`s Home

The National Association of Social Work Students organised a visit to Matthew Rusike Children`s home. On the 29th of September 2019, accompanied by Dr Makuyana (University of Zimbabwe Lecturer) the students visited the residential care facility. Whilst the visit was all about uplifting the children through different psychosocial activities like ball games, music and motivational talks, it was also a great platform for the social work students to put into practice the theoretical aspects they leant at school. “Most childen and caregivers at the facility highlighted that the children are highly talented in different ways, some even participate in ZTV music programs like the Young Gifted and Talentd (YGT). However because of a plethora of challenges these talents often fades into thin air, most due to lack of opportunities to nurture them further” said the NASWS President Mr Tavonga Charumbira.

NASW urges all social work students to be participate and join NASWS as it creates a platform for building relationships with mentors, employers and give opportunities to practical learning in different settings of social work.

ISSUED BY: NASW Communication Department

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